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Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Web Services

Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Web Services

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Enterprise Job Scheduling in SOA Based Application Ecosystems
In line with the IT trends of datacenter consolidation and streamlining of operations, businesses are increasingly deploying a single enterprise-wide job scheduler that covers scheduling across all IT operations, supporting heterogeneous systems including service oriented architecture (SOA) based applications. And the fact still remains that approximately 70 percent of data and application integration is accomplished through batch jobs. As a result, scheduling across a fluid SOA environment using an enterprise job scheduler that can access all applications and systems is critical to successful execution of all processing.

The Challenge
Scheduling across SOA environments is difficult because SOA applications are not distinct, separate systems the way traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and infrastructure are. The boundaries between applications are loosely coupled; the underlying components that provide the services are not tied to the infrastructure and can be quickly changed and recombined to serve the business in new ways. As a result, business processes in SOA environments create significant considerations for the scheduling solutions.

In SOA environments, business process management (BPM) engines expose workflows as web services, which means schedulers must support web services in order to drive jobs to completion through these environments. Therefore, it is imperative for the smooth operation of workflows that enterprise schedulers provide the ability to schedule into those services by utilizing the web services they provide. To function reliably, business process flows in these environments must integrate flawlessly with job and job streams defined as part of a larger workflow. The Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for Web Services does just that and simplifies scheduling for SOA and provides visibility and control over jobs of all magnitudes and complexities across all IT operations.

The Solution
Tidal's enterprise scheduling solution offers the easiest to use, most powerful software available to schedule jobs in environments where a wide variety of applications and systems must be accessed. The Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for Web Services extends the reach of the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler with these critical capabilities that simplify scheduling for SOA environments:

Allows jobs to be defined that invoke web service operations
Supports SOAP/HTTP web services that are defined by WSDL
Parses the WSDL to discover all the defined operations and arguments
Tidal Enterprise Scheduler variables are used as input arguments to web service calls
With the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for Web Services, users can have a unified view of their entire schedule, regardless of the types of applications, systems, and SOA based composite applications in place.

Tidal provides you with an integration platform for all your job scheduling needs, and the Adapter for Web Services is a demonstration of the evolution of the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to support changing IT environments. Tidal's scheduling solution eliminates multiple tools, manual intervention, drawn out resolution times, and many other costly issues. Tidal provides a single interface to manage jobs and dependencies across the enterprise.

Along with its industry-leading ease of use, Tidal Enterprise Scheduler also includes:

Highly scalable design
Sophisticated enterprise calendars
Role-based security and audit logs
Automatic job recovery procedures
Alert management
Fault tolerance
Workload balancing
Web-based access