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Tidal Enterprise Adapter for HP OpenView

Tidal Enterprise Adapter for HP OpenView®

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Running mission-critical operations 24x7x365 is a high priority, especially if your organization has invested in Hewlett Packard® OpenView Operations. You dont want to miss coverage for availability and performance of important components in your datacenter. You also dont want to spend extra time correlating application problems with other infrastructure problems. Now your investment in HP OpenView can be extended to your Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and the business application processes it automates for maximum operational coverage. Finally, there is a solution that helps you do more with less while still gaining a competitive advantage.

Consolidated Operations Management for Your Environment

The Tidal Enterprise Adapter for HP OpenView Operations smoothly and easily integrates high-priority functions and jobs into the HP OpenView monitor. Business process automation has evolved from simply managing nightly offline job scheduling to performing continuous mission-critical workflow automation. Thats why Enterprise Scheduler comes with sophisticated features to increase your confidence in its reliability and notification of any abnormalities.

Whats more, Tidal Enterprise Scheduler ensures that integrating health-monitoring and application job status into HP OpenView adheres to corporate standards and staffing priorities for those organizations that have standardized monitoring of all enterprise function under one operations management system.

Two Way Communication in One Solution

The adapter provides two way communication between HP OpenView Operations and Enterprise Scheduler using HPs guaranteed messaging protocol, OPCMSG, which enables business process automation control through HPs Operations interface. This means you can start an Enterprise Scheduler job, view alerts, stop and start agents and perform many workflow automation functions from a machine running OpenView Operations . When an abnormality occurs in the Enterprise Scheduler environment, such as a job running too long, all of its information, including logging data, is transferred to HP OpenView for viewing. From there, the job process can be restarted or terminated.

For jobs of the highest priority, custom messages and recovery actions can be set in HP OpenView. You can also reconfigure user-initiated actions to become HP OpenView automated actions, setting up a cascade of diagnostic or recovery plans to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Tidal Enterprise Adapter for HP OpenView

The following integration components are provided with the adapter:

Application templates for accepting messages sent by Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
Message, Monitor and Action templates
Templates for monitoring Tidal Enterprise Scheduler services

In addition, all the messages displayed in HP OpenView generated by Tidal Enterprise Scheduler are annotated and include help text. Some of the messages have programmed actions already associated with them, so that clicking the Perform Action button in the HP Operations console automatically executes the action.